I recently found myself in the need for a car. I started shopping on Boxing Day, and like most people, had an idea of what I wanted and what I was willing to pay for it. Started with the online search and then the soldiering in the cold began.

I went first to a prominent dealer in town on the border between Burnaby and Vancouver, who couldn’t even find the car that they advertised. This brought me back to my Consumer Education 10 days, and the bait-and-switch scam. Left that place.

Went to another place and viewed a car, but as they were closed, couldn’t really see much.

Then I found AutoForm.

First impression - its obscure from the outside. But the sign of high end cars outside was intimidating, yet alluring at the same time. I simply had to walk in. And the showroom was chic, and modern, and things were lined up in utter perfection. The place was clean, the cars were immaculate, and things are laid out very well. I was greeted by Michael, who is a gentleman in every regards. The one on one service was great, and he went to every effort to make sure that the advertised special was made available.

The car was immaculate and the paperwork was presented in a binder which was complete and laid out. The collation of information in one place is impressive. It was just as impressive to hear the sales staff speak about the specific car and tell me what was done to it, which was easily verifiable by the paperwork. Either these guys spend a lot of time making up and studying a story, or simply tell the truth. I believe the latter is the case.

One needs to know that I am the kind of person that cuts right to the chase. And they were too. A deal was struck. Michael was a gentleman the entire time, and worked to make sure everything was perfect. He even threw in a cargo net from his personal collection into the deal to make it work, and ensured that some parts that were missing off the car were found and installed for me prior to pick up. They followed through on everything, except for the documentation fees. There was no mention made of this, and when the business guy threw that at me, it was a bit of a sting. This is the one caution that’s out there. I failed to ask, and they failed to tell; however, it was reduced (slightly) to make things more palatable, and we moved on.

Within 20 km of leaving the dealership, an airbag light came on. Immediately, I followed up and let them know. Now, having bought several used cars in my time, I thought that they would probably tell me that there was nothing that could be done. Not the case. They asked me to bring it back down, and Miles (the operations guy) cleared the code and let me know what it was. He also told me that if it came back, to bring it back and we would figure out what was going on. He said that this light had never come on in the six months that they had the car, and I have no reason to disbelieve that based on how they helped to remedy the situation. A lesser dealer would have told me to go elsewhere and get it fixed, I’m sure.

The summary of the story is that these guys are great to work with, and they sell quality product, and are willing to back up what they sell, even if they don’t really have to. They took what I thought was going to be a daunting experience, and made it into one that was very positive. I would recommend these guys for your next purchase.

Raveen Singh – Vancouver, BC

 Great dealership. Relaxing buying experience, fun staff and a very cool interior design. It is a combination you seldom find with an independent used car dealer. Highly recommend.

Ward Stirrat - Vancouver, BC

Amazing cars like you will not believe. Make sure you talk to Mike Wood he will give you the first class experience like he did with us. Just seeing the super cars in there is wonderful. Great people that will truly leave you with a great experience.

Mo & Jo C.W.L.- Vancouver, BC
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