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At Autoform we set the pace. We sell premium used cars that look like they just rolled out of the factory. We aren’t like any other dealership in Vancouver. You’ll notice that when you walk through the doors into our expansive showroom and browse our inventory: one that ranges from nearly new to classic European. Have a look around, grab a complimentary espresso, have a seat in our lounge and nerd out about cars with us. We are genuinely just as excited about our inventory as you are; and we see it every day!

Our staff has more than 100 years combined experience in the car business. We've built successful premium vehicle dealerships in Vancouver since 1999 and have sold more than 5000 cars to satisfied customers.

Bigger is, well, better

When you arrive, you'll witness a new concept in automotive retail. With over 12,000 square feet of indoor showroom and our own dedicated detail and reconditioning centre, you'll be impressed by our state of the art facility. In fact, we’re probably Vancouver’s largest independent premium vehicle dealer.

Our showroom houses more than 50 cars indoors, and with an outdoor display of an additional 30 cars, chances are we stock the car of your dreams.

We maintain a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Come check us out for yourself.

What Makes Us Different

Let's face it: people don't like buying cars, yet they love driving a new car. Traditional car dealerships have, over the years, made the car buying experience so incredibly painful for consumers that they rank buying a car among their least favourite things to do. Yet, the end product, a new car, is usually something people celebrate. We're here to bridge the gap between the two. We believe the experience should be as much something to enjoy as the new car in your life. And we know we can deliver.
Our process is entirely different. We'll conduct your transaction in person, on the phone, or via email, if you wish. It's your choice. If you visit us in person, you're welcome to browse our showroom at your own pace, with assistance, or without. When you're ready, we'll work hard to learn your needs and wants and help you discover exactly which car best suits you, your lifestyle, and your budget. We'll help you through the myriad of automotive choices and decisions you'll need to make along the way, in a comfortable, approachable manner so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Our Core Values

Every business will tell you they value their customers over everything in the world and that their team of people is their greatest asset. Blah, blah, blah. How boring is that? Of course a business' customers are the most important thing in the world – without customers no business would survive – and without a dedicated team to serve you, how would any business really prosper? Let's cut through the bureaucratic, corporate dribble. Here's what we value: the relationships we have with everyone we deal with, good design, form, speed, art, straightforward advice, and common sense.

We're not about simply selling you a means to an end – we don't believe cars are just a mode of transportation to get you from point A to B. A bus will do that just fine. We don't care for vanilla cars or busses for that matter, either. We're passionate about what cars can do. The right car can “return the favour every time you turn it on” to paraphrase a Cadillac commercial of a few years ago.

Sound like a dating profile? Maybe – let's face it, you should get to know the people who are about to sell you your next car. It's an important decision. If you don't like us, and we don't align, why buy from us? You can get a car anywhere, after all. Buy where you're comfortable – where you're treated well, and where you really gel with the people you're buying from. We know we're the best, and we'd like the chance to prove it to you.

It's all about cars...

We pride ourselves in selling top quality automobiles at competitive prices in a personalized environment. We do it on a big scale. Check out our inventory pages and you'll see well over $4,000,000 in near-perfect premium cars and SUV's.
We hand select each and every vehicle in our inventory, and then painstakingly recondition these cars to meet original factory standards. Any car you buy from us, whether a late model import or classic muscle car, will have been inspected, tested, reconditioned and perfectly detailed before you can take it out for a test drive, let alone take it home.
If you don't see what you're looking for on our inventory pages, check in with one of our sales team members and we can do a search across North America to find you that hidden gem. Most likely, we've got what you're looking for somewhere in our arsenal. If not, we can search our extensive network of Canadian and US dealers as well as auction houses to find you exactly what you're looking for. If you are searching for a particular gem, please submit your request to our Car Finder and we will notify you of what we find!

And People

Simply put, we've assembled some of the best professionals in this business: people that are committed to providing top quality service to match our premium inventory. We work as a team, unlike most dealerships where cut-throat competition amongst the staff is the norm. We find that model counterproductive to our goal: to provide you with the best purchase and ownership experience in the business. Period.
Our business is one in which personal relationships matter a great deal, and we want to continue to know all our customers by name, each and every time they walk into our showroom. We invite you to come in and enjoy a coffee in our first rate lounge, view a few of the select vehicles we inventory, or simply browse and take in what we believe is one of the most innovative retail experiences anywhere.
If you have any suggestions for us, we'd be glad to hear them. You can send your messages to We'll be sure to respond to each and every enquiry we get, and put your ideas to work to make us better. In the interim, please take some time to get to know us better: browse our website , call us , or drop by in person and we'll do our best to exceed your expectations.

New financing options

We have relationships with leading financial institutions through their dealer financing centres competing to offer you the best rate and the most flexible amortization terms available. With rates as low as prime, and terms up to 96 months OAC, we can custom tailor a car loan to meet your lifestyle and budget. We do all the paperwork right here at the dealership so you don't have to waste more of your time going to your bank.
As well, we've established relationships with select leasing companies who we believe operate with the highest ethical practices in the business. We only write full disclosure leases, so there are no surprises and no hidden fees. Everything is disclosed to you in a clear, easy to understand format.
With competitive rates, faster approvals, and the flexibility to move you from one vehicle to another, we have the right financing package for you. Speak with one of our sales team members to learn more.

Warranties to Protect Your Investment

Let’s face it: cars break from time to time. And when they do, it’s usually an unexpected bill, and sometimes it can be a big one. New cars come with warranties from the manufacturer to give you peace of mind that when something does in fact break, you won’t have that unexpected cost. The cost of that warranty is embedded in the new car price.

Most of our inventory will still be under some portion of the factory warranty, but when it runs out, you are essentially “on your own” to cover your bills. But not to worry, you don’t have to “do this on your own.” We offer multiple extended warranty options from reputable companies backed by some of Canada’s largest insurance companies that will have your back when the unexpected happens.


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